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Knowledge = Confidence - Pilates instructors take on a myriad of roles, and styles too. That's what makes us a diverse group of amazing and talented individuals!
An Ode to my Favorite Muscle - If you can be especially fond of a physical feature like your eyes, your legs, or whatever else, why not give special honor to a part that no one sees?
The Experience of Experiential Learning - “The act of practicing a skill strengthens the neural connections in our brain, making us, in effect “smarter.”
The Lost Art of Play - "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
Do you mean what you say? - “Be mindful when it comes to your words. A string of some that don’t mean much to you may stick with someone for a lifetime.” Rachael Wolchin
The New Age of Bone Loss. - Because of outdated protocols, Osteoporosis has been considered an age-related condition until now.
Squat for your life. - Squats are a movement we do all day every day. In fact, it is considered the most functional movement in our daily lives.
How do we get them to stay? Exercise adherence and client retention. - We have all had those clients that come to us in agony with goals of getting moving and staying moving...If they could just get back to moving well, they would feel great, they say.
The New Age of Pilates: What is the disconnect? - In my 10+ years of teaching and owning a studio, I have been advised over and over that if I want to be successful in this industry, I should avoid using the word Pilates in describing or promoting my business.
Mind-Body or Mind(minus)Body? - What happens to the mind-body connection when the mind (and body) are consumed with external distractions? When the mind is consumed, the connection to the body is lost.
Is there still room for biomechanics in Pilates? - We have been hearing about Biomechanics everywhere these days it seems, like it’s the latest buzz word.
I have the best job in the World. - I LOVE MY JOB! I am that person on Monday morning that jumps out of bed, dances while getting ready and sings all the way to work.
Shoes: The greatest fall risk? - You have hundreds of sensory receptors in your feet. These need to be stimulated to continue to work optimally for sensation, balance and proprioception.
Stack your Boxes: Strategies for standing and walking. - My favorite past time is watching people walk, which my clients can attest to, as it is so curious to me how we manipulate and contort our bodies simply to move forward in space.
Between the cues: The magical sound of silence. - It is easy to get caught up in the minutia, and to try to manage every Movement in every body all at once. This sends us down the rabbit hole of cueing and cueing and cueing until every possible Movement is seemingly under control.
Do you see what I feel? - Have you ever wondered why a client says that they feel straight when they look completely out of alignment?
Cueing the Breath: A Blessing and A Curse. - One of the quintessential Pilates Principles is Breathing. Seems like an obvious task, but amazingly a significant challenge for many, … More
Finding Your Teaching Voice. - When we are given a script to memorize for teaching the complex Pilates repertoire, we can lose our connection with the method, the movement, and the client. Movement is dynamic, and so must be our teaching.
The Core: Function over Fashion. - As Pilates Professionals, all of us have had new clients mention that Pilates was suggested to them by their Physician to improve core stability. Have you ever asked these clients what that means to them?
The Core has Your Back. - We can’t always rely solely on the back to do all of the heavy lifting for us. After all, if the spine is the backbone of the body, what is the “backbone” of the spine?
The Big Toe: What’s the big deal? - Have you ever wondered why we have one toe that is much bigger than the rest? Well, there is very good reason.
You know how to move bodies, but do you know HOW the body moves? - You work with bodies every day, but how well do you know the intricacies of how the body functions to produce the movements that you are teaching your clients?
Body Awareness: The danger of being too aware. - Body Awareness is a popular term especially in yoga and Pilates circles, but what does it really mean?
Is perception reality? Outwit your sense of exertion. - Exertion is defined as “how hard you feel like your body is working. It is based on the physical sensations a person experiences during physical activity."
What would Joseph do? Navigating the Competitive Arena of Pilates. - With all of the options for Pilates and various movement practices, how can they all be successful?
Walking with Your Ribs: The Importance of the Upper Body in Gait. - Most people do not consider what happens from the waist up when they walk.
Keep your Feet on the Ground: The key to staying vertical. - What aspects of movement are necessary to keep us upright as we age?
Mobility vs Stability: The Building Blocks of Biomechanics. - We go through life with little awareness of whether parts of our body are mobile or stable, until we experience a moment of instability that results in a stumble or fall, or a period of pain that affects our life.
Chasing the Symptoms: A Discussion - We have witnessed time and again that where the client reports feeling pain is not necessarily the root cause of the functional problem.
Feet: What are they good for? - Why is it that we want our feet to look good, but don’t care if they feel good?
The Fear Factor: The Anticipation of Pain in Movement - When a person is in pain, every movement can bring on a number of feelings, both emotional and physical. When pain persists over a long period, the mere thought of moving can be paralyzing with fear.
Clench it or Move it? How to use your muscles for their intended purpose. - When was the last time you went for a walk or climbed the stairs with your butt clenched?
Hurry Up and Wait: Having the Patience to Recover. - The hardest part of recovery from injury is having patience with the process, especially when it is long and painful.
Your Posture on Hold. - As we walk down the street and catch a glimpse of ourselves in a store window‎, we immediately stand up taller, suck in our tummies, and pull our shoulders back. Have you ever noticed that holding these "postures" doesn't feel very good?
Where on Earth is your Body? - Some people would say that Body Awareness is understanding where your body is in space and the sense of how it moves within it, while most often, others say that it is when you know that something doesn't feel right or good in your body at any given time.
Mummy Tummy Part 2: Exercising safely with a Diastasis Recti. - There are a number of ways to safely modify your movements while still being able to move effectively with a Diastasis, and get the most out of an exercise program. Supervised exercise with a skilled movement practitioner is an important aspect of treating a Diastasis.
Mummy Tummy Part 1: Safely moving through life with a Diastasis Recti. - Diastasis Recti is an often poorly diagnosed and mismanaged condition that affects over 50% of women post-natally. This condition is accompanied by a number of related pelvic complications, including pelvic pain and urinary incontinence that further prevents these women from being able to move and exercise safely and effectively.