Question #4: Do you have to be able to do every Pilates exercise?

Great (and somewhat controversial) question this week!

Can do and should do are very different things. If you can’t do an exercise because it is difficult for you then perhaps embrace Joe’s adage “practice, patience, persistence” in your own work to progress to success.

However, if your body should not do an exercise then do no do it, just like we would instruct our clients. There are a number of modifications and variations that will allow us to accomplish the same purpose of the exercise but perhaps in a safer position or form.

It is important as teachers of Pilates to understand the purpose and intention of every exercise, and embodying this is also important however we are able. It is equally important though to know how to teach the exercises safely and appropriately for the client in front of you than to do something that is detrimental to your own body.
What are your thoughts about this question?

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Written by
Holly Wallis, Certified Movement & Rehabilitation Specialist, PMA®-CPT
Director of US Operations, Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement Institute
Studio Director, ReActive Movement, 6200 LaSalle Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

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