Question #10: Is it normal to be overwhelmed when in a teacher training program?

Absolutely! The beginning of a teacher training program is always the hardest. There is so much information coming at you from all directions, and sometimes it seems like it’s in a foreign language, especially when Anatomy is brought into the mix.

Often times, you will learn lots of theory first, then the movements that complement the theory. Once the movements come into play the real fun begins. This is the time that you finally get to assimilate the information, and experience it in your own body. This really is where the true learning happens.

Here are some tips to help with the brain drain:

  • Don’t write down every single detail that the teacher trainer says. Instead listen, absorb and revisit the information later. Make notes based on what makes sense to you. If you are listening, you have time to think of questions for clarification, which is also key to learning.
  • Review your notes often to familiarize yourself with the content and concepts. You will not make sense of the true context of the theory until all the pieces come together. The longer you spend time with the information, the more you are able to apply it to a variety of situations.
  • Get the information and movements into your body. Practice, practice, practice!

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can’t possibly learn everything until the opportunity arises for you to apply the information.

Written by
Holly Wallis, Certified Movement & Rehabilitation Specialist, PMA®-CPT
Director of US Operations, Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement Institute
Studio Director, ReActive Movement, 6200 LaSalle Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

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