Question #11: How much time should I spend planning client homework?

Long story short, as little time as possible should be spent planning homework. My rule of thumb is to give 3 key exercises for homework maximum. These exercises are taught in a session, where the client has the opportunity to feel the benefits and learn the skills to practice at home. I will the write them down (and even draw stick figures) in the final minutes of a session.

Clients are not generally inclined or motivated to do their exercise homework when they are unsupervised and unsure they are doing it correctly. Very few clients are the exception to this. Assigning homework can be a frustrating and time consuming task, just to find out later that all that work was for not.

If you are going to design home programs for clients, a fee should also be assigned to that task as you are investing time in planning and preparation. I charge my regular single session fee for each hour spent on program design. You will learn quickly how truly motivated your client is to practice their home program once they know they have to pay for it.

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Written by
Holly Wallis, Certified Movement & Rehabilitation Specialist, PMA®-CPT
Director of US Operations, Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement Institute
Studio Director, ReActive Movement, 6200 LaSalle Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

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