Book Club: Crooked

In this month’s Book Club meeting Holly Wallis is discussing “Crooked” by Cathryn Jakobson Ramin.

Please jump right in to share your thoughts about this book. We love to hear from you.

Allow me to start by saying Whoa. This book is a doozy, and the reason for the long delay since the last Book Club installment.

This book is an expose of the back pain industry by a journalist that was thrown into the process of recovery after a back injury. It is a collection of case study-like stories as well as a number of historical facts to lend to the credibility of her claims.

The author definitely has some strong opinions about specific treatments and therapeutic practices, while supports other strongly based on what she feels worked for her.

The main take-away from my perspective is that regardless of any claims that you may hear from a physician, professional or someone writing a book, do your research when it comes to engaging in any treatments that alter your body in any way (surgery, injections, fancy new equipment or practices, whatever). What works for one may not work for another so find what works best for you, and find a team of practitioners you trust.

Being a Pilates Teacher and Educator, of course I was interested in reading Ramin’s take on Pilates. This section encompassed 4 short pages, with almost half of that being about Gyrotonic and not Pilates at all. The remaining content was ripe with errors including the historical facts quoted, the types of movements included in a Pilates program, how it is delivered, how people are trained, and finally that PMA-CPT means Certified Personal Trainer, rather than the accurate Certified Pilates Teacher.

This book is worth a read purely out of curiosity but take it’s strong opinions with a grain of salt. Make your own decisions about the content by educating yourself from a number of reputable sources, not just this one.

Have your read this book? Please share your thoughts.

Until next time, keep reading!
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Join Holly next time to discuss your thoughts and insights into our next selection: “Muscles and Meridians: The Manipulation of Shape” by Philip Beach.

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